If you ask bow hunters about preferred arrows, you will likely get varied responses. One thing that remains constant is the desire that bow hunters have to kill the animal and to do so as humanely as possible. Bow hunters will argue over the best arrow…the number of blades, grains per blade, construction, durability, etc. If you ask a bow hunter who has used All-Blade, to name their favorite arrow head, you will certainly be told emphatically about the All-Blade 4 blade or 6 blade arrow head. 


Boasting stainless steel technology and extreme accuracy, All-Blade has quickly risen to the top of the preferred archery supplies list among avid bow hunters. Knowing that the arrow heads won’t rust is a huge bonus for hunters who cringe at the thought of an arrow losing its effectiveness due to corrosion.


In general, bow hunters want arrows that are accurate, durable, and that provide a lethal punch. These attributes are all found in All-Blade broadheads. Knowing that a broadhead can be used over and over while maintaining the same capabilities as the day they came out of the package makes these arrow heads extremely desirable among novice and expert bow hunters. These arrow heads are simply amazing. They can penetrate plywood and multiple sheets of dry-wall and can be trusted to perform as well again and again. 


Don’t be fooled by imitation arrows that might look similar to All-Blade broadheads. All-Blade is in a category of its own due to its construction, durability, and accuracy. Those who have tried arrows by All-Blade quickly learn to appreciate the unique qualities of these arrowheads- and for good reason. 


If you want to increase your chances of being the hero at hunt camp, be sure to order a package of All-Blade arrow heads. Don’t let the big one get away with an imitation arrow head. Contact All-Blade today!