Throughout the shot cycle of a hunting arrow, there is an incredible amount of energy placed on the bow when it is at full draw. The energy is promptly transferred to the arrow upon its release. The quick transfer of dynamic energy is what causes the arrow to oscillate and flex. If too much flex occurs on the arrow’s shaft, then the arrow will have a particularly hard time recovering. In other words, you’re going to have a lot of difficulty getting your arrows to fly straight. 


On the other hand, if your arrow’s shaft doesn’t have enough flex to it, then it may not clear the bow, and it will not be as forgiving when it flies downrange. In the worst case scenario, it will simply fall flat on the ground, and for any bow hunter, that is embarrassing. The most accurate arrows will be the ones that possess the ideal balance of forgiveness and flex as the arrow leaves the bow. These arrows will also have the required stiffness to both recover and stabilize once it starts to head downrange. 


Achieving the ideal balance of these elements is difficult. Nothing can ruin an ideal hunting day or an enjoyable trip to the range faster than having hunting arrows with poorly constructed shafts and poor accuracy. This is why you need to use a brand you can trust. At All-Blade Inc, this is exactly what we provide. 


Manufactured in the United States, our revolutionary broadhead arrow tips are fast, accurate, and deadly, as well as field tested and proven. We wanted to design and produce a broadhead that brought back confidence to bow hunting, and our fixed broadheads are guaranteed not to affect the flight path your arrow. To learn more about the innovative products we offer, contact us to place an order today!